Give Chicago Back to the Indians Per U.N. Order?

In its quest forwarding human rights, the U.N. sends folk around inspecting the lives of various victims du jour for evidently, direness. One came with Obama’s blessing to inspect American treatment of its Indians, already known to be unacceptable per U.N. standards. This bureaucratic dance is becoming priceless, seems to me, political bathos at its best. The inspector issued the gist of his report: U.S. Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes, Says United Nations which somehow made some newspapers though not many.

I will admit enjoying this, it’s precious. The White House, always bowing in front of the U.N. majesty, opened the door for this expedition while Congressfolk were all too busy to see the U.N. factotum. The U.N. returned its welcome by demanding the return of some portion of the U.S. to the Indians, calling into question our Prexy’s smarts in letting it happen. He is, in the most apt sense, hoist by his own petard in the old French way of putting it when you screw up at your own expense.

The Obama is now pickled: He can say as Congress will that not a single inch of America will be taken from Americans to give to the Indians! But that sets him up as a Republican, or anyway, as what Democrats think is a Republican. Not good in an election… Or he can go the safe, liberal way and pledge handing over say, Chicago and maybe the mid-continent oil shale, depriving himself of a chunk of his funding in the process. Not good either, but delicious! Probably though, our Prez will just duck, ignoring the whole thing; it’s not news, right? And his tame media will dutifully fail to notice it much before page 23 below the fold. If that.

Our Indians are a cautionary tale, right enough. The escapees have merged with the larger society and live like the rest of us; no problem there I know of. But too many reservations are too close to concentration camps full of self-imprisoned hopeless lives in the government gulag. And it’s the policies of such as Obama that preserve this monstrosity…and are doing everything possible to add the blacks to the program, though so far, without reservations.

Why do you suppose nobody ever seems to mention the non-white people who were originally treated exactly like the freed slaves, people who have received no government help but have been left on their own and are now being discriminated against as government policy in education, civil service jobs etc? The Asians, who are now ahead of whites economically and educationally? Isn’t there a lesson in there somewhere?

In any case, we can watch to see which step our President will take in this election year: Hand Chicago back to the tribes, refuse the cries for ‘racial justice’ or play deaf and dumb. It can’t fail to entertain, watching him suspended over his own barbecue, swinging in the winds of political hypocrisy…as on this issue, have so many of his predecessors.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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