Science, Politics…and Truth

Saying you can tell when a politician is lying by whether his lips are moving amused the ancients; only the languages expressing the sentiment have changed. Scientists on the other hand, have been given an assumption of truthfulness for their pronouncements, something coming into question under the impact of disappearing polar bears miraculously rediscovered, melting glacier ice reappearing in situ and rising sea levels that fail to alter the next summer’s beach parties. Note one common connection here, those scientists are paid by the politicians, a condition always resulting in: caveat emptor.

Another large chunk of science is bought and paid for by politicians yet remains largely unchallenged; worse, it’s used by many, including courts, to force conformance onto people. That is the ‘science’ taught children in public schools. All public school grads know Darwinistic evolution is science and Divine creation is superstition. All started, we’re assured, with that Big Bang and the universe is full of dark matter and energy to fill out the requirements of Einstein’s equations. You could build a mouintain range just with the textbooks that say so. They also say of course, that Roosevelts’ New Deal and WWII led us out of the Great Depression, which was caused by capitalism. Uh huh…

At this point, we’re dealing with a clash between facts and beliefs. No fact much less impressive than a nuclear explosion ever seriously disturbed a sincere human belief and some can even disbelieve hydrogen bombs until the gamma rays hit. Gamma rays you see, are truth. Politics on the other hand, is human power, a quite different thing. Never the twain shall meet, power always prevails in human affairs (truth lacks armies and cops) until the end leaves only truth standing, often over piles of human corpses. Well.

Evolution from monkeys etc. is an unproven (and rather silly) theory of human origin. Fact: no ‘evolution’ from one species to another has ever been shown, though evolution within species is common. And the Big Bang is merely one of several competing theories of origin for our universe, equally unproven. All very scientific, too with equations and everything. Add in the religious creation belief and it expands even further. Many hold that yeah, the place is clearly designed, not random, but they don’t assign a God as having done it; they dunno. Those are the Intelligent Design folk, about as reasonable as any, seems to me. And no belief is required. Cosmologist Alexander Mayer, a theoretical physicist now at Cambridge put it all to bed with this so far unanswered comment about the Big Bang: “The singularity at T = 0 cannot be explained.” And it hasn’t been, because it can’t be. We dunno. That’s a fact and that’s the truth.

Facts don’t change to suit politicians and facts often carry truth, which can discommode them, so neither are considered friends among the political set. Around 1776, a Scots professor named Adam Smith wrote a book (Wealth of Nations) that morphed into the field of economics and shot down the mercantilism (political intervention) for 150 years. Then a Brit, John Maynard Keynes wrote a book justifying government economic intervention and was made a Lord. Politicians have hired economists ever since, who reliably justify those politicians’ economic interventions, forget old Adam Smith.

Nowadays, the politicians have figured out that people believe scientists so they’ve been hiring them, often indirectly by funding their research. Who pays the piper… It worked for the economists and its working for the scientists. Why not, they’re just fallible people like the rest of us.

And Truth? Well, you might Google the Great Depression and Murray Rothbard’s book about it…and a recent Science Daily article reported research showing that the expected dark matter in the vicinity of our Milky Way, somehow isn’t there… And maybe the next time some scientific truth is approved by the politicians, you might look to see if their lips are moving.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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