Is the U.S. Really Going To The Dogs?

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Sometimes a series of stories become a trend in your mind and make you think about something you hadn’t considered much before. Ohio Man Charged After 6 Puppies Found In Suitcase followed stories about a guy getting several years in jail for the grisly way he killed his pit bull and another guy doing time for letting a couple horses and a mule starve to death. The Ohio suitcase guy is up against a $750 fine, plus 90 days in jail and his six puppies weren’t even harmed, just left to die in the suitcase on some vacant land. Their mom (also his) gave the scene away to passers-by, anxiously patrolling around the suitcase.

Thing is, see, not too far back, animals were property just like your car or furniture; how you disposed of them or treated them might disgust the neighbors, but it really wasn’t anybody’s busines but yours. The government might charge you a license fee if you lived in a city and it would collect and kill strays none wanted, but otherwise, it wasn’t concerned. You had a constitutional right to dispose as you wished of your property, short of injury to anyone else. That’s clearly gone away now. In some places, you can’t dispose legally of dogs or cats no matter how humanely; you have to take them to a vet or the local pound, both of whom may charge for the service. In some places, it isn’t cheap, either. You do it and there’s a substantial fine plus jail if you are considered cruel. This is a trend.

What’s especially interesting about all this is, its occurring alongside the steady march of expanding human abortion services and the push toward assissted suicide and euthanasia, groundwork for which is laid in ObamaCare. Putting these things together says that the value of the lives of pets is increasing while that of humans is decreasing. Looking ahead, it’s undeniable that at some point, the two could converge; at least, there’s nothing but human conceit in sight to prevent that.

This simply reflects another phase of the ongoing struggle dividing our civilization: believers vs. non-believers. If you don’t believe in God, man is truly, just another animal. There’s no basis for valuing his life beyond any other unless one is contributing something beyond any other. And when that’s done, so is the extra value; hence, euthanasia. Only for believers is man superior to other forms of life and so deserving of all possible care.

Civilizations need some central belief or idea around which they can form, to hold them together. Citizens of civilization make sacrifices, sometimes of their lives, to defend the order they have made and to keep it intact. When too many abandon that central belief or idea, the civilization collapses as we are seeing ours, originally Christian, gradually losing its form and its binding.

Dogs and cats joined man voluntarily and earned their keep, then evolved into pampered and disposable, pets. Now, government is raising their cost with mandated fees and prohibitions upon those who used to be owners; you can’t leave your dog alone or tie him up in the yard in many places these days; you’ll be punished. And he’d better be neutered. Pretty soon, pets will be unaffordable for most; their status may exceed that of the average human, made so in a nice bit of irony, by human government. In a sense, it’s true that our country is going to the dogs…

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2 Responses to Is the U.S. Really Going To The Dogs?

  1. It’s difficult to tell which bothers you more, inadequate protection for humans or the inability to torture and kill animals. Eitehr way, the double standard you claim to exist is NOT consistent with the equasion of humans and animals, much less would it follow from that same position.

  2. jackcurtis says:

    Well, the legal system accorded with the Bible: Man was given dominion over the birds and beasts to do as he willed with them. Now the legal system has stripped citizens of that power in protection of said birds and beasts, a clear increase in legal position for them and an equal decrease for the citizen, or so it seems to me.

    I didn’t advocate mistreatment of animals; the Biblical statement of dominion didn’t authorize that, either. It is very clear that dominion carries responsibility; it doesn’t confer a license. And it’s inarguable that while animals have gained legal status, human life has lost status; abortion is also proof of that. Those are just facts. This is a fundamental divergence in our society and therefore, important. Ultimately, it seems likely to affect the future shape of U.S. life greatly…

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