What Does the Doctor Do When His Pay Stops?

They yelled at Sarah Palin when she labeled the end-of-life provisions of ObamaCare as ‘death panels’ and that ought to have told us something. The anti-religious Left is pushing the next step with its usual initial barrage of trial balloons to prepare the way, seems to me. It’s simple economics: when you no longer function productively, you become an unjustifiable expense for the State, most unfair to the producers. And we’re living longer all the time, making this worse. Cost of Aging Rising Faster Than Expected sets the stage for you, if you need that.

We know from their statements that the Progressive view is to assisst the departure of any who want that; assissted suicide is promoted generally and happens in a few places. So now we’re hearing the next step: Bioethecist Argues PVS Patients Should Not Be Kept Alive is an ethics expert explaining why it’s desirable to kill PVS patients…those folks in a coma, who can’t communicate. Keeping them going because some few of them recover eventually isn’t cost-effective, right? And we need that money to cover the 19 million new insured added by ObamaCare–a younger, more productive crowd entirely.

Our bioethecist didn’t go from there to the newly diagnosed imperfect children who will need life long support or those like paraplegics whose accidents or military service put them into the same category but that’s the logical progression, isn’t it?

The toughest part of this is its reality; medical care is–without ObamaCare’s new 19 million–costing more money than government has, a lot more. Spending has to be reduced, much more than these quite logical ideas will accomplish. It isn’t going to be nice, no matter whether done by left or right.

There is one answer, an unlikely one: If government were forced out of health care entirely, leaving it once again a free market, competition could work its magic until the services needed by the market would be provided at market prices that the market’s customers could pay. Protesting mobs demanding free market health care, line up on the right…

Religious folk can’t accept euthanasia or eugenics; non-believers have to insist on them. Increasingly, non-believers control the levers of government, imposing their solutions by force as the present attack on the Catholic Church illustrates. These two views of life are battling to define the next phase of human civilization. Do you want the responsibilities you impose on yourself under religious strictures…or do you prefer to march on into that brave new world?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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