NASA Scientists and Astronauts Give the Lie to NASA Global Warming Support

The weather man’s efforts have given rise to more jokes than any other occupation but maybe, Congressman. The modesty of predictive success however, hasn’t kept some of the weather folk from predicting climate, a more complex and difficult target.

They have done it by constructing climate models inside computers and then assuming that there is no difference between their models and reality, even though climate is not well understood, given the influence of the oceans, the sun and other uncertainties. These models have then been asserted as proven science and used for political policy. The embarrasing failure of the actual climate to do what the models say it should has been covered by changing the predictions, thus: ‘global warming’ became ‘climate change’ when the predicted warming didn’t show up as advertised and others pointed to the fact.

The hugely costly ‘cap and trade’ program in Europe has wasted enormous amounts of money without reducing atmosphereic CO2 as intemded. The gas hasn’t been shown to be a problem, outside of those models and without it, we’d have no vegetation on earth.

NASA’s stance has come largely from high mucky-muck Robert Hansen, an apparently opportunistic bureaucrat; finally, a few others have grown tired of the politics. 49 retired scientists and astronauts wrote a public letter: NASA Scientists Dispute Climate Change blows the whistle on NASA political science. A fun read…

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1 Response to NASA Scientists and Astronauts Give the Lie to NASA Global Warming Support

  1. Argus says:

    Climate change covers both bases—a very astute move. Project the trends and in a few decades they’ll be screeching for funds to cover the ice caps and glaciers with soot (don’t laugh, that was a suggestion they made in the seventies to counter Global Cooling).

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