The President’s Reelection?

Have I Ever Lied To You?

The question was: “With unemployment, high priced gas, Iraq and Afghanistan winding down without much to show, a slowly declining living standard and record deficits without visible end, how will President Obama be reelected?”

The answer or at least, the intended answer is becoming visible in front of us. It appears to be a three-pronged strategy: First, absolve the President of blame for conditions he inherited (Bush’s fault) and for conditions his evil opponents have prevented him from correcting (Congressional Republicans who won’t pass his programs).  That laps over onto the second prong: Demonize the Republicans. The third is distracting the voters from the things that tarnish Obama.

We’re seeing more Obama and other Democrat attacks on Republicans, both presidential candidates and Congressfolk. These will likely accelerate. The “Republican War Against Women” is a double; the Dems have spun an attack on the Catholic Church re birth control and abortion into a defense of womanhood…a candidate for a new definition of chutzpah, seems to me. Politics rising from the usual farce to almost comedy. And the cherry on top of this is the particular tactic of stirring up a race war to force the black folks into line with the women by using the supportive media to lynch George Zimmerman over his (defensive or murderous, we’ll never know) shooting of a teen named Trayvon. The kid was black; Zimmerman a Hispanic bleached into the newly-minted ‘white-Hispanic’ for the purpose. Enough logs have been added to this fire to build a new cathedral somewhere; meanwhile, stories of blacks attacking whites (and not even Hispanic ones) are passing quietly, unreported. A 70-odd year old was severely beaten by six young blacks yelling: “This is for Trayvon!,” two blacks poured gasoline on a 15 year-old white kid and lighted it but those aren’t news.

The result is a steady flow out the media spout of demonzation, distraction and cover-up while the rather hapless GOP plays punching bag, looking rather like the heavyweight champs’ punch-drunk sparring partner, a palooka kept on staff out of charity.

The Republican strategy, if any, appears to be: ram Romney down the throats of the Teafolk and run him as the not-Obama. Provided the Euro banks and the U.S. stock market collapse before November instead of after, this may work. However, it suffers even then from the incontrovertible fact that Romney isn’t the not-Obama; he is instead, the Republican Obama, just a version bleached white/Mormon rather than black/(debated) but a political near twin.

The next tactic in the Dem strategy that’s collecting odds in Las Vegas is violence in the streets, stirred up of course, by the GOP’s obstruction of the President. Any bets?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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