When ‘Fascism’ Has a Small f…

Benito Mussolini (Il Duce)

There’s a historical model wherein the government controls the economy by telling the corporate producers what to do; the Italians called their version, Fascism. Today, the Obamafolk take over banks, insurers, automakers and others and they also tell folk such as Coke and Kraft what  political entities they can–and can’t–support. Coke Caves in Face of Democratic Boycott Threat  and Kraft Drops Membership in Conservative Group Amid Protest will tell you about it.

Add this sort of thing to the current attack on the Catholic Church via ordering it to provide employees of its schools and hospitals with services it finds immoral and it is much easier to compare the Obama Administration to Mussolini’s Italy than to the free country envisaged by the Founders. How can a political system where politicians tell businessmen who they can support be considered free? And that is what the Democrats are doing here.

Anyone may says to himself: “That’s ok, it’s only greedy business getting orders; individuals are still free!” Anyone saying that should note that he is now forced by law to buy ObamCare whether or not wanted. Once in place, these systems never stop with only the first mandate; when one does, it will be the first. The U.S. seems to now be an informally Fascist state while these conditions persist. The average temperature in the Supreme Court’s building has likely risen a bit, as the Justices think…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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5 Responses to When ‘Fascism’ Has a Small f…

  1. flyoverhere says:

    the dictator is in place and actively rolling out the fundamental transformation. Do you think the koolaid drinkers even know what fascism is?

    • jackcurtis says:

      Well, I see the Prez as the front man more than as leader…and I see those pushing him along as populating both parties. The vote for using the military to arrest and imprison citizens without charges was something like 93/7 in the Senate…

      May be kidding myself (I’m pretty good at it) but it seems doubtful that anyone reading this blog doesn’t have some inkling of the meaning of fascism, at least in general…

    • EritwithaK says:

      Please, you all had the opportunity to change leadership, but failed miserably. Mitt Romney??
      Please, would you guys make up your minds,; is this administration socialist or communist or fascist…..? We hear all of of them when the wing nuts wring their hands. And I’m curious, how, exactly would you describe the previous administration? Oligarchic comes to mind. Fascism also describes them.

  2. This is really the true goal… you may notice that facism seems to have a short history and appears to be more tolerant of it than socialism. Where socialism leads to rebellions, facism seems to be a potential middle ground, where citizens won’t rebel, due to just enough hope in a change for the better.

    • jackcurtis says:

      Maybe, dunno. The Soviets and Red China outlasted Mussolini’s Fascism…he made the trains run on time in Italy but ended dangling from a lamppost anyway, all in his own adult lifetime. Of course, the war had much to do with that.

      No form of centrally planned economy works, therefore, no form of political organization reliant upon it lasts, seems to me.

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