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Little League Barely Survives On Stripper’s Contribution…

A Disney movie wouldn’t touch it; only real life could have an L.A. strip club saving a failing Little League franchise and L.A. Strip Club Donates $1,200 To Keep Lennox Little League Afloat tells you all about it. It could only … Continue reading

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Irish Garlic Importer Jailed By Greedy Vampires?

Not exactly, but seems close enough. One of Ireland’s Top Food Producers Has Been Jailed Over A Huge Garlic Scam tells all. One of Erin’s largest food importers brought in a thousand tons of Chinese garlic, which was ok but he … Continue reading

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The Stay-At-Home Spouse Returns! (Sort Of…)

Time was, a trophy husband was an old, rich guy, usually hooked by some blond actress or such. Now they’re telling us it’s a young, poor (and good-looking?)  guy who stays home and raises the kids while mommy goes to … Continue reading

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Will Your School Be Feeding Your Kid ‘Pink Slime’ Today?

We’ve seen Mrs. Obama’s concern for kids’ diets extend all the way to the Dept of Agriculture seizing four-year-olds’ from-home lunch buckets and forcing them to eat in the school cafeteria. Message: the government CARES about what kids eat! Right! … Continue reading

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Does the Pope Work for the Drug Cartels???

Somehow, there are people who can’t see our President’s forcing the Catholic Church to supply birth control to its workers as an attack on the Church. The same folk likely see forcing Israel back to its 1967 borders as supportive, too. But … Continue reading

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Death’s Friendly, Convenient Home Service

Well, you will now get home delivery of permanent peace added to your parcels and pizza, at least if you’re Dutch. Dutch Mobile Euthanasia Unit to Make House Calls explains. We recently reported Australian medical ethics pros who just announced that post-birth abortion … Continue reading

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Would You Believe: L.A. Schools Blindfold 4th Graders in Reading Classes?

We know Johnny can’t read and we know L.A.’s schools are consistently among the worst at teaching him. But who would have thought even an LA Unfed school would teach 4th graders reading by blindfolding them? I have to be kidding, … Continue reading

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