Would You Believe: L.A. Schools Blindfold 4th Graders in Reading Classes?

Why Can't She Read?

We know Johnny can’t read and we know L.A.’s schools are consistently among the worst at teaching him. But who would have thought even an LA Unfed school would teach 4th graders reading by blindfolding them? I have to be kidding, right? I only wish. L.A. Unified Bans Blindfolding During Lessons explains all to you; the only good part is, they now seem to have quashed the blindfolding. Regretfully, apparently.

The story describes how teams of two kids, one blindfolded, pass objects to each other to be described without seeing them. The story doesn’t describe how they teach speaking; I suppose by gagging the speaker. Johnny’s illiteracy is coming clearer, right?

The report left mixed feelings: It’s clearly progress that the blindfolds are gone but what other asininities remain? Do they teach Drivers’ Ed. to kids wearing handcuffs? Never mind; I don’t want to know…

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2 Responses to Would You Believe: L.A. Schools Blindfold 4th Graders in Reading Classes?

  1. Covering a child’s eyes so they can develop vocabulary related to the senses is an excellent idea. I’m sure kids think it’s fun. A related activity is to place a barrier between two children and have one child tell another child how to assemble or draw a shape that only he can see. These two activities develop scientific and spatial observation and vocabulary, and also a sense of community.
    These are brief hands-on activities that certainly do not supplant the regular curriculum, but enrich it.
    It’s horrible how a predatory teacher took advantage of kids with blindfolds on. I think this article is really about how worthwhile activities get thrown out of the schools when rare and awful results follow.

    • jackcurtis says:

      Well, seems to me the ability of the public schools to produce competent readers has steadily degenerated over the post-1930’s decades; it seems likely that substituting fun for drill and practice has quite a bit to do with that. Substantial, government-funded studies indicate it too. I have a sneaky feeling big changes in that direction may have to wait until I take over, though…

      The cited article was indeed aimed at what are being reported as teachers taking sexual advantage of students when using the blindfold ‘reading’ lessons prescribed. We’ve seen the Catholic Church forced to open up on that problem; the schools (all, not just public) are in my estimation due for a similar removal of deep cover for the same reasons. Human nature will out when opportunity provides…
      Thanks for leaving your thoughts!

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