If Obama Acts Unconstitutionally, Why Don’t Republicans Oppose That, Not Just Complain?

Senate Minority Leader: Helpless, Lazy or Spineless? is a report questioning why Republicans seem to ignore our Presidents’s unconstitutional uses of power. We know the Prez seized General Motors, fired its president and handed it to its union in a made-to-order bankruptcy. We know he sends the military to anyplace he wants and starts shooting without bothering with Congress. He appoints government officials without bothering with Senate approval as well and sends his assassination squads to kill whom he pleases, where he pleases. Rather imperial, some think. And nary a peep from the allegedly ‘opposition’ party. Why is that?

Here’s my take: First, the ‘opposition’ is exactly that; they want to do what he does instead of his doing it. They don’t disagree with how he does it; they’d substitute their own friends and enemies and do the same thing. Only citizens and a few ‘nutcases’ like Ron Paul think an old piece of paper called the Contstitution is important. Political power doesn’t care about pieces of paper, as Hitler pointed out when he called a treaty Germany had signed a “scrap of paper.”

Our Founders were well aware of that, as Ben Frnaklin made clear when he answered the woman asking what the Constitutional Convention had come up with, saying: “A republic, madame, if you can keep it.”

We haven’t kept it; todays’ Federal Government is no longer federal but a bumbling behemoth unable to govern its own finances to the point that its’ collapse is not far off. Will we citizens finally rise to do something as it comes down, or sit and stare, wondering what has gone wrong? Ladies and gentlemen: Place your bets!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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