The Menacing Moslems…


Bedouin Warior

Moslem conquerors swept over north Africa, Asia and Europe offering a simple choice: convert, or die. Not too different from their Christian predecessors…

Today, their successors comprise about a quarter of the world population, extending everywhere there are people, multiplying in Europe and with a small but aggressive presence in the United States. Wherever they go, a small, radical contingent accompanies them, spreading terrorism in fullfillment of Jihad.

The resulting piles of bodies of women, children and innocent passers-by horrify non-Moslems but are seldom denounced by the Moslem masses who don’t want to lay down and join the dead. The overwhelming majority of Moslems simply wish to be let alone to improve their lives but drawing the attention of the radicals is decidedly not an improvement, so they remain silent while teen-age sons envy the Jihadists.

Moslems are seen as a menace in Europe and in a few places in North America because they are being used by atheistic politicians to attack the Christian churches, whose beliefs have imposed considerable inconvenience on said politicos, forcing them to face unalienable rights of citizens when they would prefer to impose their dictates without such opposition, as the Obama Administration is presently attempting to do upon the Catholic Churce with its latest birth control mandate. The Catholics aren’t accepting the orders to provide free birth control to employees; we’ll have to see who prevails. In Great Britain, they’ve gone so far as to accept Sharia as law equivalent to common law and enforceable in the courts for Moslem subjects.

From a realistic standpoint, Moslems are economic, technical and political laggards stuck in dictatorship, corruption and poverty compared to Europe and North America. They are also tribal and split by religious differences as well, hardly a threat to anybody. If they scare European or North American voters, those only need to confront  their own politicians on the matter.

For the longer term as the rich world proceeds in its weakening–a result of its own inability to govern itself–it needs to remember that Islam is no threat because it is weak, not because it is not an enemy. Islam is a complete life prescription, not only a religion and it is built on the command to convert the world, by preaching, by force or by whatever it takes. As long as significant numbers of Moslems exist, they will constitute a potential threat to any non-Moslems, a threat which will materialize whenever it becomes strong enough. Now however, is not that time. But as the rich world weakens, that will bring it closer, unless the Islamic world weakens as well, which could easily occur if today’s Arab upheavels continue.

As Rome fell last time, Constantinople inherited the mantle. It could happen again but Beijing seems more likely at the moment…and it’s economy is shaky, too.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to The Menacing Moslems…

  1. “In Great Britain, they’ve gone so far as to accept Sharia as law equivalent to common law and enforceable in the courts for Moslem subjects.”
    This is already unacceptable.
    Moslem, Muslim, Koran, Quran, Does the spelling matter?
    Political intervention needs to happen now for all countries because the Moslems (I’ll use your spelling to be polite)are out-breeding the westerners in their own countries.
    Allowing any abuse( that’s what islam does) of women whether they know it or not is a step backwards in time. Just as social services steps in and helps children, society must step up and help these women.

    • jackcurtis says:

      Well technically, I don’t believe Islam abuses women; it’s more that those who first ‘exported’ Islam came from centuries–milennia, really–of folk who did that. Probably irrelevant to a woman meeting the Iranian or Saudi religious police on the street.

      I believe the Left is using Islam to beat down the Christian churches whose doctrines interfere with political goals they pursue. Anytime they feel truly threatened by the ‘Moslem hordes’ they’ve empowered, they’ll turn on a dime. They’re not eliminating one church merely to empower another!

      Which is to say that I don’t see Islam as a current threat; to me, the real problem is the goals and attitudes of the pols in charge. The assumption that birth rates are a constant is a pretty big assumption…particularly, in a declining economy.

  2. chloë says:

    The UK does not accept Sharia law in UK courts. There are Sharia courts in the UK, but it’s up to the plaintiffs approaching those courts to accept the ruling. A ruling in these courts does not mean squat in HM Courts. Moderate Muslim groups are protesting the growth of this system, the main concern being egalitarianism.

    Women’s rights are not something ignored by Muslim men only – there are plenty of Christian wife-beaters too. Protection of women is a global concern, afftecting practically every community on the planet. Violence against women will only wane when cultural attitudes towards women change and women have their own money.

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