Doesn’t Anyone Care About the Country?

Thomas Sowell

Does anyone in the media or any of our politicians care about the problems America is enduring? That’s the question columnist and economist Thomas Sowell asks in: Is Anybody Serious?

America’s problems are rooted in a declining economy resulting from:

1. Policies that have diminished U.S. business, especially mining, energy and manufacturing,

2. World wide use of major military power and

3. Government social and military spending exceeding government resources.

These are a result of corrupt interdependency allowed to develop among government, big industries and big labor.

Instead of hearing proposals for dealing with these issues and their resulting unemployment and financial instability, our would-be leaders and our one time fifth estate devote their public pronouncements to marital infidelities, personal wealth, religious affiliation and remote circumstances that can be stretched to accusations of racism or some other ism. Obama rhapsodizes on “everyone getting his fair share” and taxing the wealthy as if the country wasn’t broke and shutting off the use of capital were reality.

Sowell takes this avoidance of the improtant topics as a sign that nobody is serious about the country’s welfare. He’s right.


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